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Our firm offers the highest quality products to help you create a loving and memorable service for your loved ones. Many products can be personalized to reflect the life and loves of your beloved family members.  For many family in todays economic times price of caskets is a major factor.  We carry for those families a Value line of caskets.  In addition, w offer complete funeral Package Price Funerals that include Service, Casket, Vault and register book sets.  We also offer Complete Cremation Packages with Services, Urns, Cremation Container and Cremation Vaults.  Ask your funeral director..

We are proud to offer the entire line of traditional fine metal caskets and woods.  We also have listed some but not all of the different other types of funeral products that are available such as portraits, videos and even candles. 

No matter what you select, it is a personal choice.

Materials of Construction Creates Value Difference

Many of the factors below influence the cost of caskets and cremation urns.  No matter where you may be our staff is ready to help you select a funeral product the fits your needs both emotional and financial.

We want you to understand the difference and influence that affect the cost of the funeral products you want to select.  Be assure, there is great value in every product you select, but the value needs to be where you are financially.

Design Details Create Meaningful Distinction

Elegant curves and pretty beautiful finishes create elegant styling. All still made with hand craftsmanship.

We offer detailing and personalized features on some caskets and urns from personalized corners, head panels and engraving which ad a memorable touch. We also offer caskets of simple designs to meet each family’s personal taste and needs both emotionally and financially.

The value, selection and retail price of caskets are affected by the number of factors including: materials of construction, actual hand craftsmanship of skills craftsman, design details and personalization all are factors.

Bronze & Copper

Bronze and Copper which are a semi-precious material and the strongest and longest lasting of any casket construction material. These materials are endurable and gorgeousness Bronze and Copper is resistant to corrosive elements, an important consideration in selecting a casket. Aurora's bronze caskets are available with a hand-applied natural brushed finish. Bronze makes an elegant, exquisite remembrance. These caskets also have the very best in quality of Velvet Interior.

We offer a wide variety of species and shell styles which includes a complete line of caskets. Professional woodworkers, skilled in the art of cabinetry, follow many steps to ensure that the quality of the final product is comparable to that of the finest furniture. These craftsmen apply a wide variety of exterior finishes to accent the graining pattern that is unique to each special of wood. Our wood caskets offer various grades of both velvet and crepe material which complement the quality and overall appearance of every Aurora casket. Reversible interiors offer a variety of appearances to provide families with more personalized choices. Most caskets have a Memorial Record tube so the vital statistics of the deceased are permanently kept with each unit.

Stainless Steel
The use of stainless steel in casket manufacturing began more than 35 years ago. Today, stainless steel continues to provide the greatest value to families and funeral homes. Not only does it offer the quality and durability of copper and bronze for the price of standard steel, but it's a product that families understand and value in their everyday life

Carbon Steel (16 Ga. Thickest 18 Ga. Thicker—20 Ga. Thinner)

The long-lasting nature of metal combined with its affordability and performance make steel caskets one of the most popular selections. The range of colors—from respectful blues, browns, blacks, and grays to peaceful pastels in purples, pinks, and blues—makes each selection unique. They also come with brushed and non-brushed finish. Two major classifications of Aurora's steel casket product line are 18-gauge steel and 20-gauge steel. While some funeral homes offer caskets from other companies at 16 Ga. Steel our firm does not because the quality of Stainless Steel is a better value for less money than a 16 Ga. Steel casket. In addition we do not offer 19 Ga. Steel because many times there caskets are 18 Ga. tops with 20 Ga. bottoms.

Special Touches Create Differences and Spherical Choices that make it personal.

Custom Embroidered Head Panels
You can select and personalize each casket with a head panel selected by you that is more personal for you or shows more of your loved ones life.

Brushed Finished with Hand craftsmanship
Bottoms and sides of stainless and carbon steel caskets are electronically fused together with 19 feet of continuous seam weld. This type of weld adds to the strength of the product and enhances the protective qualities of the brushing process features hand craftsmanship which results in the finest finish available in casket manufacturing High gloss paint finish is achieved by implementing a wet sanding process, which is similar to that used in the manufacturing of luxury automobiles.

Lifestyles—Personal Corners
From military insignias to hobbies, Expressions of Life caskets give families the opportunity to customize a casket to their loved one's unique personality and interests

Veterans Caskets
Many Caskets can be personalized to various Military and Veterans style caskets for the Veteran in your life. Custom Head with American Flags, Military Service emblems to American Eagles and Flags on hardware pieces may be added or changed to customize many caskets into Veterans Caskets to honor the men and women of our military service and veterans.

Other Funeral Products Available to make is the Service Personal

Here are some but not all of the list of other funeral products that may help create a meaningful service to you that we offer.

Cremation Caskets and Urns
In addition we offer the finest in cremation urns, cremation caskets, alternative containers and we offer a Rental Casket in a variety of materials. We house 52 urns on site from standard urns, to bio-degradable urns to keepsake urns. The choices are endless.

Vaults and Outer Burial Containers for Burial or Cremation
Whether you select burial or cremation we offer the entire line of Wilbert Vaults made locally from Richards Wilbert , Hagerstown, Maryland to offer you the peace of mind of protection for your loved one. We also offer Clark Steel Vaults manufactured in Columbus, Ohio which works on the Bell sealing principal and specialized Fiberglas Vaults from Vanderbilt serviced to us by Richards Wilbert.

On all of Richard Wilbert Basic Plus vaults and above they offer full personalization of the top carapace to make the funeral more personal.

All of our caskets, urns and vaults range from the basic line and price of casket to the top the very best.

Personalization of the Top of the Casket
On casket from Richard Wilbert casket division called Signit Casket you may personalize the top of the casket with many of the same personalization you can a vault.  In addition, all of these caskets may be personalzied with the name of your loved one right on the top.

Memorial Videos and Portraits
To personalize the funeral and/or memorial service we offer Memorial Videos. You give us up to 55 photos along with the dates and time line of the photos and we will arrange them in a personalized video which can even be shown on this web site.

Memorial Portraits of the decease can also be made in a 16 x 20 old painted portrait to be used with a funeral service or as the center vocal point of a closed casket or memorial service. Families tell us that these portraits are treasured long after the funeral.

Memorial Books, Folders and Thank You Cards
Our firm offers a large variety of Memorial Gift Box sets from the Messenger Corporation one of the finest in the funeral profession. We offer books made from standard books, leather books, and solid hardwood books. They come in a variety of themes from flowers, nature, Precious memories, patriotic, to many Thomas Kincaid book series based on his wonderful paintings

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